As mentioned previously, Heritage Place HOA has changed our lawn maintenance service effective the second week in May. We had a general grounds maintenance to trim back some of the unruly growth. We have also had a major check up of the irrigation systems with a number of sprinkler heads either replaced or adjusted to better distribute the water and minimize water overspray. The landscaping along Pinehurst Drive South was trimmed and leaned up. One of the oak trees at the front of the 21-23 courtyard was diseased and has been removed.

We are treating other trees to ensure their continued health. This Fall, there will be additional plantings along the side of the homes facing the street.

The efforts on renewing the landscape and the general maintenance of the landscape will be covered at the HPHOA Annual Meeting.

Items from the OCHOA Association:.

  • There are continuing meetings with the City of Austin on the Watershed Protection Department proposals. The City Council is the only organization that can allocate funds for any project.

Current Heritage Place HOA Items:

  • The Frequently Asked Questions page provides additional information regarding living in our neighborhood.
  • Throughout the year the wild creatures are also exploring their territories. This is a reminder to keep garage doors closed when the garage is not being used. As the dryness of summer develops, many animals search for water and coolness. During Fall, creatures look for places to live during the winter. In the Winter, creatures look for better homes. And, in Spring, there are the offspring and the cycle starts again..